Anonymous asked:

Mira just moved out of my town! I've been so busy, so I could not play! I feel your pain! Arrrrrgh! I love your blog btw. :)

Ahh yeah! Dang villagers. It’s been really long since I’ve played, too! I wonder who’s moved out… oh gosh. 

And thank you! Glad you like the blog, even though I haven’t been posting on it <8]


Hi guys!

This is probably going to be my last post for a little while, since I’ve decided to go on a tumblr hiatus starting tomorrow. There are so many screenshots I’ve taken, so many little doodles I’ve planned out that I never had the time to get to… But I’m feeling really emotionally drained right now, and don’t have the energy or motivation to work on those things anymore. 

Anyway, here’s the dream address to my incomplete town. The last time I updated it was very carelessly, since it was to get the 5k, but it’s a version that at least still has Mira in it and where my male players haven’t ended up with hat hair yet LOL (I think/hope…). I’ll still be trying to slowly chip away at the game though, and will try to update my dream town every so often once it’s in better shape (it’s kind of a mess right now)… When I’m finally done with the town I’ll get on here again and make an update.

I also still manage this blog from a remote account though, so you might be able to expect a few surprise updates once in a while 8’]

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks a million for being so supportive of my blog and appreciating my artwork. 

See ya guys for now,

Mayor Lucy